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Mysql db commands

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Dump ALL MySQL Databases

mysqldump –user=XXXXXXXX –password=XXXXXXX -A > /PATH/TO/DUMPFILE.SQL

Dump Individual or Multiple MySQL Databases

mysqldump –user=XXXXXXXX –password=XXXXXXX –databases DB_NAME1 DB_NAME2 DB_NAME3 > /PATH/TO/DUMPFILE.SQL

Dump only certain tables from a MySQL Database

mysqldump –user=XXXXXXXX –password=XXXXXXXX –databases DB_NAME –tables TABLE_NAME > /PATH/TO/DUMPFILE.SQL

make dumps compatible with the old MySQL version, add the following switch:


Put Myqsl database back

mysql –verbose –user=XXXXXXXX –password=XXXXXXXX DB_NAME < /PATH/TO/DUMPFILE.SQL

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