Am I really doing that well? Exclude Internal Traffic

Are you actually getting 100 hits per day already or is that you reading and reviewing your own webiste?

Your most likely to be the most frequent visitor to your website and or people from your own intranet (that pretty much means anybody on your wifi, or Ethernet network).

This is especially true if you are running a blog site / cms site or an e commerce site that means you have to visit your site regularly to update the content.

Here is how to ad a custom filter in Google Analytics to remove the home grown traffic.

Start by going to Filters in your Google Analytics and click Add Filters. Up pops the normal filter form.

Following the example below, placing your own IP address into the field, add it to what ever profile you want. Now all internal traffic is gone.

If you don’t know your i.p address click here.

Of Course you could filter out by City, or State or even Country (if you lived in Luxembourg) However some genuine traffic will come from as close to home as next door, If you are using Mobile broadband or dial up or maybe don’t have a fixed i.p you can filter by i.p starting with and use the first two to three numbers in my example I would filter by all i.p’s starting “92”