It’s here Or maybe not Html5

So Html5 isn’t due for release untill 2022 but sites like facebook are already using it?

Html5 is till being developed by the web Hypertext Application technology working group, and developemnt is still currently at “Working Draft – Last Call” the second of five total recommendation levels.

The basics are safari, Chrome, Firefox and no Internet Explorer (version 9) are using Html 5 on an increasing level and these technologies are being adopted by an increasing number of sites so we could argue Html 5 is here already albeit in Beta.

What can I do with Html5 that I couldn’t do before with Html 4 and some plugins?

Thats just it you don’t need the plugins,

But if the plugins are available why not just use them?

As plug ins are not set by an independent body as an industry standard they will not necessarily be available on all platforms, and in the case of Flash and Divx they can be very hardware intensive regularly causing crashes on lower spec machines.

So what is available with Html5 and where can I see some examples?

The biggest changes are media markup tags such as <audio>, <video>, and <canvas>.

We can see the audio tag in use here: Note you’ll want to get a html5 browser such as safari or chrome, opened to enjoy these examples.

The video tag has been adopted by Youtube, BBC iPlayer, and vimeo.

The canvas tag is at work, with gmail, and scribd.

So you lke wat you hear?

Here’s some of the best examples on the web currently of html5.

This site is using it all <canvas>, <audio>, and <video>

I like what I see how do I learn how?

Here are the latest tutorials from Html 5 Rocks .com

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