Bootcamp missing from Startup Disk control panel

Today when i checked my Startup Disk control panel my Bootcamp partition had disappeared!

Of course you can choose the disk or partition to boot from start up by holding down the option key unless like me you are using a wireless keyboard!

Which leaves the option to change start up form “System preferences > Startup Disk ” as a very useful panel.

So why you ask did my Bootcamp disk not show up in “System preferences > Startup Disk “?

For me it was as simple as my Tuxera NTFS driver had mounted my Bootcamp volume as it had recognised the bootcamp volume (on a mac a disk or partition is refereed to as a volume in case you are wondering why I suddenly changed my wording).

So the fix if running Tuxera NTFS:

  1. Open “System preferences > Tuxera NTFS”
  2. Click on Volumes under the Tuxera NTFS panel.
  3. Choose your BootCamp volume.
  4. Check the box for “Disable Tuxera NTFS”
  5. Then either reboot your system or open Disk utility which you can find in the utilities folder in Applications and unmount your bootcamp volume and then mount it again.

Now when you check under “System preferences > Startup Disk ” you will see the BootCamp partition again.

You will also lose the ability to write to the bootcamp partition as you have told Tuxera NTFS not to mount the bootcamp volume.

So to reverse this you need to delete the file “/Volumes/BOOTCAMP/.Tuxera-NTFS/disable-driver” that is assuming you have called your bootcamp volume “BOOTCAMP”.

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