Keywords when is enough enough?

When writing the copy for your site, write it for your viewer and not for the serach engines.

A lot of people get tempted to use the same word or phrase over and over to try and get themselves placed first on an web search.  This is a no no move and can also get you bumped for what’s called keyword flooding.  Here are some examples:

  • BadPizza Barton upon Humber

    Pizza jim is located in Barton upon Humber Nortlincolnshire, Here at piiza jim we specialize in pizzas, pizza calzone, pizza stuufed crust, pizza pie. In barton Upon Humber we feel we are the best available in barton and so strive to give the people of barton the best possible service.

  • GoodPizza Barton upon Humber

    Pizza Jim is located in barton upon Humber North liuncolnshire, as well as Pizzas we also serve top quality kebabs and sundries, We always go above and beyond for all of our customers, etc……..

I’m sure you notice the difference. site does show up in the top ten for the search term “Pizza Barton upon Humber“.  However, that was before we wrote this article.  So how many times can you include the same search term?  That only the Search engine companies know for sure.  However, based our experience with sites we have successfully placed in the top ten, we would say no more than once every two paragraphs or once every 100 words.

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