A touch of style and class

Style sheets are one of those things that are easy to abuse.

When used correctly, they can really help you when optimizing a site.  To abuse the use of style sheets is simple.
All you have to do is make your H1 tag the same as your normal text style to try and make the crawler (search engine software) think that all your text is important.

The trouble is crawlers are better than they used to be.

They figured out that nobody has a header that lasts 8 paragraphs.  The proper use of the H1 tag is your main page header.  For example, this page is “Peter Bending”. Sub headers like “A touch of style and class” should use the H2 tag and your content should always be normal text.

Don’t be shy

Never, no matter how tempting it is don’t make any text hidden by use of style sheets or any other method because your site will be bumped.  Also do not make the folder that your style sheet is in hidden or private because, if the web crawler can’t read your style sheet, it’s not going to trust that everything is legitimate.

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